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Are you buying or selling a property within the Community of Valencia?

The very first thing you should do, whether you buy a property via an agent or you engage a real estate agent, is to ask for his/her RAICV registration. When the agent cannot supply you with this RAICV registration, you should immediately end collaboration as the agent's activity is considered illegal, and file a complaint.

Ask the agent for his/her square red logo, same as the example on the left, showing RAICV and followed by a 4-digit number, and have it checked with the authorities. If the agent is unable to provide you with this square red logo, you should immediately file a complaint with the authorities.

It is the RAICV number that is mandatory, not the API number as many claim. API is nothing more than an interest organisation.

Also foreign recognitions hold no value, and therefore a foreign real estate agent without an RAICV recognition would be liable when conducting real estate activities in Spain as these are considered illegal as well.

What is the Official Legislation?

The register for Valencia estate agents was introduced by Decree 98/2022 of July 29th 2022. The law came into practice on the 16th October 2022, and real estate companies must fulfill all the requirements and joint the register within a year of this date. The official legislation can be found here.

Help us elevate the profession of real estate agents to a new level.

In the past crisis years, Spain exempted the real estate market from requiring recognition as a real estate agent in order to boost economic activities, which was not without success. However numerous competent and less competent agents entered the market as the barrier to entry was inexistant. They disrupted activities for serious agents.

Even now, after recognition has been introduced, social media remain flooded with messages and advertisements from individuals without knowledge, network, experience, expertise or financial support, who believe it is possible to earn a lot of money by distributing some photos, and in doing so, they enage in practices that are unacceptable; some even steal photos from recognized agents and circulate them.

This piracy must be stopped, and this was also the government's objective. Therefore, help the serious agent and file a complaint when confronted with such practices and individuals, and do not engage such individuals.


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