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The ultimate destination for securely buying and selling Luxury Real Estate in Spain

Guided by founders boasting 35 years of collective experience in real estate, Luxury Listings Spain is dedicated to enhancing the global landscape of luxury property transactions in Spain.

Grounded in insights derived from comprehensive research conducted within the Spanish real estate market, our mission is to elevate standards of professionalism and ethics, ensuring a safer and more transparent market for buyers and sellers alike.

Luxurious Villa with swimming pool. Costa Blanca. Luxury Listing for sale in Spain.
Luxury Real Estate in Spain

Challenges in the Spanish Real Estate Market

Acquiring or selling property in Spain is no easy task, with transactions often conducted amateurishly, and only a few professional players guiding transactions as they should, equipped with the necessary experience and expertise.

The Jungle of Real Estate Transactions

For a long time, there has been a misconception that anyone can be a real estate agent, and even today, many people still believe and behave as such, with all the consequences that come with it. This activity has become a jungle. Why?

The Impact of Market Liberalization

In recent years, the real estate market in Spain has been liberalized due to the crisis, with the entry requirements for the profession abolished, and everyone started playing real estate agent, mostly attracted by a commission of 6%, although various agents apply different rates, with some even charging a fixed fee of 900 euros.

Addressing the Issues

Fortunately, since last year, the profession has been re-recognized in the "Communidad Valenciana," resulting in some dubious agents ceasing their activities that were not genuine, while others continue as before.

This has led to a proliferation of intermediaries passing properties between each other, and without hesitation, plucking photos from the internet to publish them here and there. Often, an agent doesn't even have direct contact with the owner, meaning as a buyer, you may not even be able to visit the property you choose.

Collaborative Solutions

We will delve into this further in future posts, but do not forget that as a potential buyer or seller, you share responsibility for this situation.

We notice that sellers make the sale of their property impossible by engaging multiple agents, each charging different rates, and consequently disrespecting their property on the market. They think they will find more potential buyers by shooting around in the hope of hitting one buyer. It's a panic move.

Potential buyers also get involved and act carelessly by registering multiple times for the same property on various portals.

Introducing Luxury Listings Spain

As you can see, there is work to be done. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to establish a collaboration platform in conjunction with a limited number of recognized real estate agents who meet our requirements.

With our founders' extensive experience, proactive approach, and specialized knowledge of the real estate market, we set ourselves apart, leveraging a bespoke database and secure procedure to make it happen.

Experience Luxury Listings Spain. Join us as we redefine the real estate experience.


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